8 thoughts on “detoured Rhodes”

  1. Wow! Great first podcast! It was a perfect blend of funny and thoughtful discussion. I couldn’t stop laughing about where you stashed your porn as a kid Rhodes. Keep it up guys!
    Also, a question for the next podcast, what do you think of modern music and the direction in which it appears to be heading?

    1. Thanks for listening and thanks for the question and kind words. We have some musicians lined up as guests for future shows. Keep checking back. We’ll have a new episode soon.

  2. Achievement, a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
    All Rhodes West is a triumphant achievement!
    I know my thoughts were provoked. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. First of all this POD cast is not mom appropriate. You should take that into consideration before you go to air. Liked it though, Neil is a good wing man to have on air. I would like to do a segment on American exceptionalism in the coming months. Maybe while I am off work during the birth of my first child.

  4. Really, a comment box. That is a great idea. Just wait till I listen to this probable pile of garbage. I will let you know how it is soon. So far the website is good looking. More to come…

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